At Nanci A. Smith, Esq. PLLC, we pride ourselves on providing individualized attention to clients during this time of life transition known as divorce or separation. We understand the financial and emotional impact this change will have on our clients and their families. We believe that knowledge is power. We educate our clients every step of the way and consider ourselves part of the solution. We help clients make wise choices for themselves.  We counsel clients every day to consider their actions, weigh their alternatives and move comfortably and confidently forward. Vermont child custody and asset division cases should not be handled alone. There are many choices to be made. We are there every step of the way. Please feel free to call Nanci at (802) 878-8775 for a free telephone consultation to see if she is the right lawyer for you.


Sometimes it is necessary for the court to get involved quickly to protect a client’s safety or to prevent dissipation of assets. There are times when, despite the best good-faith efforts to negotiate a settlement, clients need the court to resolve the case. At our firm, we prefer to negotiate reasonable settlements out of court and without the pressure of court-imposed deadlines. We also recognize that some cases need to be resolved by an impartial judge. Nanci has over 25 years of experience in family court litigation.  She will help you assess how much, if any, court intervention is necessary. We ethically and professionally take whatever action is necessary in the adversarial process to protect our clients, their children and their assets. Feel free to call Nanci and discuss with her your options, and whether litigation is your best option.


Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Many cases do not require the pressure of court-imposed deadlines or threats of public disclosure of personal and sensitive family issues. There are alternatives available to help you reach a private, peaceful resolution that meets the actual needs of you and your family.  At our firm, we strongly support mediation, and we are fully trained as mediators and have extensive experience successfully engaging in the Collaborative Practice of divorce resolution. Feel free to call Nanci to discuss your options. The process you choose for your case will have an impact on your future relationships. It is important to choose the right process for you.

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Vermont Child Support


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