Family First

Using Collaborative Law for Complex Custody Cases can help set sound boundaries for families willing to open lines of communication for a more balanced life for both parents and children.

Think about the very best scenario - what do you want to see happen? How do you want interactions with the children?  What would make sense financially for all involved?  Nanci will help guide you in a framework of how to proceed so that clear communications are key.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to keep the lines of communication open. Feelings of anger, hostility, bitterness and resentment can reach the boiling point. You may be left wondering:

  • How do the needs of the children get met?

  • Who determines what is the right course of action for the sake of the children?

  • If a major illness or disability is present, how can Collaborative Divorce help navigate healthy resolutions?

Nanci listens to your questions and sets a course of action for the most positive resolution in a complex custody case.  Sit down with Nanci and discuss “what’s next” and how the collaborative process can help achieve the best possible outcome.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

  • Parents must agree to open communication. 

  • Parents should speak honestly about themselves and their children.

  • Parents should remember that the goal of Collaborative Law is to ensure that parents reach the best decision for the children involved and not themselves.

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