Our Values



We are committed to open, honest, and effective communication. Our firm is guided by the highest ethical standards. Our conduct, from initial contact through final resolution, aligns with our core values.

Transformation and Impact

Divorce is a major life transition. Our firm is committed to creating and maintaining relationships with clients that yield the most productive outcomes. We partner with you to help you understand your choices, and help you make informed decisions. How will this divorce impact my future relationships with my children, ex-spouse, and community? What choices can I make to help avoid bitterness and resentment, and stay on the path to a healthier, less stressful life?


Divorce is an opportunity for personal growth. A successful divorce is one where you emerge more confident and in control.  We help guide you so that you understand your rights and responsibilities, and help you act accordingly. We empower you to speak your truth and get your needs met, despite the pain and awkwardness that can come with a divorce.  


We do not judge.  We have seen and heard a lot over the years. Our job is to help you through this process.  We provide legal advice and support, as you transform what was an important primary relationship in your life, into something new and more hopeful. We ensure
you are set up for success in this next stage of your life. 

*All information displayed on the Nanci A. Smith Esq PLLC website is informational and shall not be deemed as legal advice. If you’re currently dealing with an individual legal situation, you’re invited to contact me through email or by phone. Until an attorney-client relationship has been established, I urge that you avoid sharing any confidential information.